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Join Cahill Bell Warren and Jimmy Miles as they compare notes on World Surf League Championship Tour Events and the WSL Fantasy Surfing competition. They'll be joined each episode by feature guests to add insights you won't get elsewhere.
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May 2, 2018

Presented by Rip Curl

Join Jimmy & Cahill as they dive deep into the cancellation of the Margaret River Pro plus take a look at the surfing that went down pre shark-gate.

Why was Margies like McDonalds and why don't pro surfers know where to sit at North Point.....all these questions and more are answered.

The boys then look ahead to the Oi Rio Pro and the Founders Cup.

Find out just how much the judging scale has changed and why the boys are so excited to see the Founders Cup.

Our special guest this episode is current joint world number one Italo Ferreira.  In a wide ranging conversation we talk his upbringing, early years on tour and whether he thinks he's better than Gabriel.....spoiler alert...he does.

So much surf it hurts all fuelled by Salt Lager from Rogue Wave Brewing and presented by Rip Curl.

Apr 25, 2018

Harley Ingleby is a two-time World Longboarding Champion but don't be fooled by the silverware.  Harley is a surfer.  Whether it be a shortboard, longboard, fish or anything else you can think of Harley surfs it and rips on it.

In this great conversation Harley chats about his origins in surf and  the role his fathers board collection played in his interest in alternate craft.

We talk about his Go Pro work, sharks and why he thinks more of the WCT should be working with different board materials.

Smart, articulate and with a deep understanding and love for surfing, this is one episode you'll want to hear.

So much surf it hurts, fuelled by Salt Lager x Rogue Wave Brewing

Apr 9, 2018

Presented by Rip Curl 

Join Jimmy & Cahill as they dive deep into their home WCT event the Rip Curl Pro from Bells Beach.

From the surfing to the parties they have all the news, views and insights straight from the event.

They also look forward to the Margaret River Pro where last year John Florence produced one of the most complete surfing performances in the history of the sport.

Our special guest this episode is none other than Jon Pyzel, the shaper who created The Ghost that helped John's performance at Margarets last year and of course propelled him to his second world title.

We also chat with Jon about his shaping origins, winning back to back Stab in the dark contests and shaping for some of the best big wave riders in the world.

So much surf it hurts all fuelled by Rogue Wave Brewing and presented by Rip Curl

Apr 5, 2018

Proudly Supported by Rip Curl

From the opening gong of Hells Bells to the sound of Italo Ferreira ringing the bells trophy from the winners stage we've got all the in's and out's, news and views from finals day at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2018.

Featuring the one and only king of rail Taylor Knox talking his friendship with Mick and Patty Gudauskas confirming Cahill is the reason for his Bells semi result.  We also caught up with surf writer and star of the Dooley Mike Jennings and ABC's Cameron Best to compare the day with other sporting moments and finally we talk to the voice of Bells for 30 years Reggae Elliss about calling the final heat of Mick Fannings incredible full time competitive career.

Thanks to Rip Curl and the WSL for helping us with this series and remember to go to ripcurl dot com dot au to purchase a Mick Fanning World Tour commemorative T shirt. 

Apr 3, 2018

Proudly supported by Rip Curl

Another amazing day of action from both the Bells Bowl and Winki Pop and Lipped was right there to get all the news and views that matter.

We kick off with a quick chat with Italo Ferreira who has been the form surfer of the event so far.  Then possible the highlight of the mini eps so far as Brad Gerlach reminds us why he's one of the most epic characters in the sport with ten minutes of unfiltered brilliance.

We then catch up with Zeke Lau to chat Sunny Garcia and MMA and finally Jimmy grabs his co-host to find out what has been keeping Cahill busy all event (not doing interviews).

So much surf it hurts straight out of the media caravan at the bowl -fuelled by Rogue Wave Brewing and the epic folks at Rip Curl.

Head to Rip Curl dot com dot au for special Mick Fanning world tour merchandise.


Mar 31, 2018

Proudly supported by Rip Curl

Another full day of action of the Rip Curl Pro and we were joined by a host of guests to keep up with all the news from Bells Beach.

We speak with one of our favourite guests Nick Carroll along with the commissioner Kieran Perrow.

Plus we chat balancing the inner fan boy with Ronnie Blakey and finally chat pre heat music with Connor Coffin.

So much surf it hurts - all free and all thanks to Rip Curl.

Use the code "lipped" on ripcurl dot com dot au for a free gift with purchase.

Mar 30, 2018

Proudly supported by Rip Curl

Join us as we walk around the 2018 Rip Curl Pro event site and chat so much surf it hurts.

We catch up with Mick Fannings mindfulness and mental performance coach Nam Baldwin and super coach Stace Galbraith plus we chat with Ross Williams about helping the champ bounce back from his Round 2 loss on the Gold Coast plus we speak to the man in yellow Julian Wilson on balancing his will to win with his desire to see Mick walk away on top.

Almost beating out the WSL post show it's Lipped mini eps live from Bells!  

Remember to use the code "lipped" on ripcurl dot com dot au and get a free gift with purchase!

Mar 23, 2018

Presented by Rip Curl it's the very special Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach edition for season 2018 of Lipped.

Join Jimmy & Cahill as the break down all the highs, lows, news, views, rants and banter from the Quiksilver Pro Snapper Rocks and the look ahead to our home event - The Rip Curl Pro from Bell Beach.

The boys are then joined in studio for a catch up with our very first guest on Lipped - Keanu Asing.  Since we last spoke to Keanu he's won a WCT event and then lost his spot on tour to his best friend, got married, made a unique comeback to the WCT and done it all with a class, style and grace that is his alone.

One of the most honest, pure and heartfelt interviews we've ever conducted. 

All surfing, all passion and all fuelled by the legends at Rogue Wave Brewing. 

Mar 8, 2018

Jimmy and Cahill catch up to discuss the upcoming Quiksilver Pro from Snapper Rocks and the kick off of the WSL in 2018.

Cahill is on the Gold Coast and has all the insights into the conditions, forecast and who's ripping.

Plus the boys give a full breakdown of their fantasy picks.

Jimmy is joined by Rory Parker from Stab Magazine to chat about the permit situation in Hawaii and Cahill catches up with Griffin Colapinto on the eve of his WCT debut and finds out all about one of the most hyped rookies in years.

This episode is brought to you by Surf Ears - use the link in our social media to help support Lipped

Join our WSL Fantasy Surfing League and win a WSL gift pack at Snapper.

Mar 1, 2018

Jimmy & Cahill kick off a brand new season of Lipped the Surfers Podcast with a look at all things surfing in 2018.  Men's and Women's CT plus WQS, Wave Pools, Olympics and the epic finish of the Australian Boardriders Battle.  Plus they speak with Jason Davies, the winner of the WSL Fantasy Surfer League in 2018.

They are then joined by Mike Jennings, senior writer at Surfing World to talk about his world title predictions and why John John is a sure thing....unless Gabby is.

More surf chatter than you can poke a stick at, all supported by Surf Ears!

Welcome to Lipped 2018!

Feb 5, 2018

Maurice Cole is an Australia surfer, shaper and cultural icon – he was also our most popular and downloaded guest of 2017.

Maurice recently wrote a somewhat controversial article on questioning the success of Surfing Australia in developing new world title contenders.

Lipped caught up with Maurice to discuss his passion for Australian surfing and why his article was a call to arms rather than direct criticism.   The conversation is made all the more interesting by Cahill’s role as high performance coach with Surfing Victoria and being part of a generation of surfers that was supported by brands rather than the government.

We also chat big wave design and whether Maurice could or would build a quiver for a world title contender in 2018.

Passionate, sometimes controversial and always entertaining – Maurice in full flight is a joy to behold!

This episode will definitely kiss you where it feels good!

Dec 29, 2017

Nic Von Rupp is a big wave surfer from Portugal.

After finding success on the WQS Nic decided to devote himself to chasing the best waves in the world.

Jimmy & Cahill caught up with Nic while he was dockside in Portugal for an enlightening chat with one of the most humble and understated surfers around.

We chat about Nic's exploits chasing waves in Indonesia for his epic movie Reef Road, in addition to his growing reputation paddling into spots like Nazare and Mullaghmore.

We talk about his transition away from the WQS and his origins tackling big waves in Portugal.

An interesting conversation with a surfer that's chosen his own path.

This episode will kiss you where it feels good.

Dec 22, 2017

Jimmy & Cahill sit down with legendary surf journalist Sean Doherty who is fresh back from Hawaii where he witnessed the crowning of John Florence as the 2 x World Champ, Jeremy Flores as a 2 x Pipe Master and Gabriel Medina as public enemy number one.

We also chat Wave Pools, Olympics, meetings with the CEO of the WSL and hear a shout out from Iggy Pop.

All this plus enough banter and good times to keep Santa entertained all Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas 2018 from Lipped!

Dec 17, 2017

Ever had a great moment in boardshorts?  If you're listening to this podcast chances are yes!  If you ever wanted to know more about what goes into those ripping little bits of fabric that bring you so much joy then look no further.

Listen to the Global head of boardshort design at Quiksilver, Tom Purbrick, Rip Curl head designer Trav Edwards, Afends founder Jono Salfield and Editor of the Business of Surf Brad Bricknell explain what goes into making the best boardshorts on the market today!

Then from around 22mins you can hear as Jimmy, Cahill and special guest former editor of Empire Ave Tim Hawken break down 8 of the best shorts on the market today.

Entertaining, informative and full of sh*t we didn't know about shorts this is product reviews in a way you've never heard before.

You can also check out our full review on Medium dot com.

Dec 11, 2017

Cahill and Jimmy sit down to chat through the year that's has been in surfing. They look at contests, performances, cultural events, guests, movies and clips.  Jimmy also chats about his shark encounter that happened the day this episode was recorded.

Lipped has always been designed to have a conversational tone, like relaxing on the couch and chatting over a few cold beers with your mates and this episode was exactly that. Two mates sitting down and chatting about surfing over a few beers.

The boys also break down the Pipe contest and take a look at their (likely terrible) Fantasy teams. Don’t forget to get a team into the Lipped Podcast Group on WSL Fantasy surfer for your chance to win a LEUS Towel.

Massive thanks to all of you that have made this year so epic!

Dec 2, 2017

Neil Ridgeway is the Chief Brand and Marketing Officer at Rip Curl and along with Andy Higgins and Brooke Farris was responsible for bringing together the revolutionary Rip Curl Search WCT Events that set the benchmark for exploratory surf contents at an elite level.

Starting at the legendary left hander St Leu on Reunion Island and holding events in Mexico, Chile, Portugal, Bali and San Francisco between 2005 and 2011 - the events created some of the most legendary moments in pro surf history.

We discuss the origins of Rip Curl's Search as well as why the idea of turning it into an event was such a controversial decision within the brand.  We discuss the highlights, lowlights and challenges of running events in different places each year and finish off by looking at the future of events, including wave pools, in the context of the legacy of the Search events.

I fascinating insiders perspective on some of the coolest events in the history of pro surfing - this episode will kiss you where it feels good.  

Nov 2, 2017

Paige Alms is a big wave surfer from Hawaii who is pushing the limits of paddle in surfing.

She is a two time winner of the Pe’ahi Challenge and has been nominated for the Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards Wave of the Year.

Jimmy caught up with Paige just days after she claimed her second victory at Pe’ahi (Jaws) to chat about the history making day, the perfect timing of her training camp, travelling, surfing and why setting goals is so important.

A fascinating chat with one the most inspiration surfers in the world.

Oct 18, 2017

A huge episode as Jimmy & Cahill are joined by legendary surfer/coach and one time WSL commentator Jake Paterson to chat coaching some of the best up and coming surfers in the world, being the self proclaimed biggest over achiever in surfing (2 x JBay winner & Pipe Master) and the cultural difference between nights in France now and when he was on tour.

PLUS we are joined by Johnny Hawken who plays "Shades of Blue", the much requested outro song of Lipped, live.

Johnny also joins us to chat the Quiky Pro France, crazy QS rankings and look forward to the MEO Rip Curl Pro

So much surf banter you need to take a bex and have a lie down.

This episode of Lipped will kiss you where it feels good!

Oct 1, 2017

A huge episode to celebrate our big 25th!!

Michael Ciaramella from Stab Magazine joins us to chat his gate crashing antics at the Wave Ranch Future Classic plus we are joined by Kanoa Igarashi to find out if he's an asshole hassler, what he thinks of re surfs and why he's maybe not great mates with Filipe's dad.

All this plus Trestles breakdown, France preview, Ask Cahill and a whole lot more.

Thanks for letting us talk surfing for 25 massive episodes and don't forget to rate and review on iTunes.

This episode will definitely kiss you where it feels good! 

Sep 20, 2017

On a historic day in surfing we chat wave pools and the first wave pool competition from Lemoore, California with Sean Doherty.

When did the pro's find out, how did they get selected and whether there's a chance this could still be the format for the Olympics.

Sep 4, 2017

It’s the mega Q&A episode where surfing’s brightest and brainiest answer your questions.


Nick Carroll on Julian Wilson and stats.

Michael Frampton (Surf Mastery Podcast) on mindfulness and why Kelly Slater splashes water.

Vaughan Blakey on Felipe, Midget and Shane Herring.

Stace Galbraith and Cahill on everything…literally everything.

Plus Jimmy and Cahill break down Tahiti and look ahead to Trestles.

2 plus hours of surf content to keep you feeling stoked on your daily commute.

This episode of Lipped will kiss you where it feels good!

Aug 8, 2017

Jimmy is joined by surfer, teacher and all round legend Brad Gerlach to discuss surfers stubbornness, where the best are leaving points on the table, his WaveKi training system, life, love and a whole lot more.

Jimmy & Cahill also break down the highlights and one lowlight from J Bay and quickly run through their fantasy teams for Tahiti.

Lipped will kiss you where it feels good

Jul 10, 2017

A special round table conversation as some of the most experienced and influential surf journalists around as Nick Carroll, Sean Doherty, Reggae Ellis and Doug Lees join Jimmy and Cahill to chat surfing in the olympics, the Owen Wright comeback, JJF and so much more - an entertaining and informative chat not to be missed.

The boys also talk Matty Wilko and Connor O'Leary's performances in Fiji and breakdown the upcoming Corono JBay Open.

The boys also give you some ideas on how to manage an empty lineup for those lucky enough to be heading off on boat trips or to uncrowded locations.

This episode of Lipped will kiss you where it feels good!

May 30, 2017

Cahill and Jimmy are joined by 2012 World Surf League Champion Joel Parkinson for a great conversation about his surfing career. The conversation moves from his win as a wildcard in JBay 1999 through to his World Title win in 2012 and why he now hates the retirement question. Great insights, honesty and some amazing Andy Irons stories make this a must listen to episode.

Before Joel, there’s a breakdown of Adriano’s victory in Rio(on the back of his Lipped Episode), a preview of the Outerknown Fiji Pro plus a look at the importance of the surfing tribe and the Australian Indigenous Titles. Banter, smart stuff, dumb stuff and a whole lot more…..World champs and the good fantasy late mail…Lipped will kiss you where it feels good.

May 14, 2017

Taylor Steele is a legendary surf film maker with a career spanning 25 years.  His movies include Momentum, Campaign 1 & 2, Sipping Jetstreams and Missing.

He joins Jimmy & Cahill to talk about his new film Proximity, the changes in his films over the years and why he doesn't want to make Campaign 3 but wishes someone would.

An interesting, candid and inspiring chat with the man responsible for documenting an entire era of surf history.

Lipped will kiss you where it feels good

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