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Apr 23, 2019

Behind the Shaper is a new Lipped series presented by Surf Visuals and Urbnsurf.

This episode features the universally respected Corey Graham.

Creative, unique and passionate - Corey grew up around his fathers surfboard factory and has been infatuated with surfboards, design and creating mess ever since.

Behind the Shaper is a brand new series presented by Urbnsurf and Surf Visuals that celebrates the tales of the most important people in surfing, the shapers.

The first instalment of Behind The Shaper features well-known and underground shapers from Victoria’s iconic Surf Coast, a birthplace of surfing culture, industry and craftsmanship regarded around the world. What started out as a small project quickly ballooned into a 80 page magazine with photography by Ed Sloane and the construction of custom surfboards to be ridden by the shapers in URBNSURF Melbourne’s lagoon later in 2019.   

To pre-order a copy of Behind The Shaper, for more info on the series, to score tickets to the gallery exhibition and for your chance to win a ‘Golden Ticket’ to surf with the 12 shapers at URBNSURF Melbourne later this year check out via the link in our bio!

Apr 14, 2019

Ryan Callinan joins Jimmy & Cahill as special co-host for the episode.

The boys look through all the highlights and lowlights of an incredible event from Duranbah.

From the level of surfing, to the fanatic Brazilian fans to who really won the final.

We also look forward to the Rip Curl Pro from Bells Beach including our fantasy picks for the Dragon x Lipped league and what are the best waves Ryan & Cahill have ever seen at the Bowl.

Through the episode we discuss Ryan's incredible run through Europe last year and the journey that's led him back to the WCT in 2019.

Honest, open and incredibly informative, it's a new format that gives you the perspectives of one of the world's best surfers.

Presented by Rip Curl and fuelled as always by Salt Lager.

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Mar 28, 2019

Presented by Rip Curl

Lakey Peterson is the defending champion from Snapper Rocks and finished 2nd on the 2018 WSL Championship Tour.  Lakey joins us to chat honestly about being competitive, bouncing back from losses, where she thinks she can improve this year and the intensity of All In.

A great chat with one of this year's genuine world title hopes.

Jimmy and Cahill also take a look at the first event for the 2019 WSL season the Quiksilver & Boost Pro's from Snapper Rocks.  Who's going to reveal something new, who's going to win and who's going all the way this year.

And it's fantasy time as the boys make their first picks for the Dragon x Lipped Podcast WSL Fantasy League - use the code lipped and get involved.

As always fuelled by Salt Lager

Use the code LIPPED for free gift with purchase on Rip Curl dot com

Lipped Live for the Groms 18th April at Ocean Grind Torquay

Mar 21, 2019

2019 Ep. 1 - Rookies

As the WCT season approaches Jimmy & Cahill take a look at the road ahead for the new class of 2019.

What are the challenges? What are the pressures? An how will the newbies deal with the fear?

Why should you care about the new rookies?  Who are they and how will they perform when Gabriel or Steph drops 18+ points on them in the first five minutes.

We are joined by Brisa Hennessy and Seth Moniz to tell their stories and explore where they are at with the big stage rapidly approaching.

Presented by Rip Curl's new Heatseeker wetsuit

Fuelled by Salt Lager

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Remember to join the Dragon x Lipped Fantasy Surfer League to win amazing prizes from Dragon each event. 

Mar 18, 2019

We are joined by the Independent Candidate for Corangamite and one of the leaders of the fight against exploratory drilling in the Great Australian Bight Damien Cole.

We are also joined by climate change expert Scott Ferraro to discuss the fight for the bight and why it represents a starting point for the journey to a zero emission economy.

This isn't a platform to rant, this episode is designed to be a conversation about climate change and why the changes necessary to avoid the worst of climate change will require the greatest mobilisation of society in history.

Thanks to our partners Salt Brewing Co

Mar 6, 2019

The Nudie Australian Boardriders battle has tapped into the passion of grassroots surf culture.

Clubs from all over Australia compete to join some of the worlds best surfers in Newcastle every February where teams battle for prestige and cash.

In 2019 Jesse Adam led Merewether Boardriders Club to victory, defeating teams that included the likes of Joel Parkinson, Wade Carmichael and Macy Callaghan.  

But the weekend is more than just winning and losing.  It's a celebration of boardriders culture in Australia.  Clubs not only foster the next generation of Australian surfers but are often the cultural heart of our coastal communities.

In this episode we discuss the ABB and the broader role of boardriders clubs in Australian surf culture with Jesse and Torquay Boardriders Club president Cahill Bell Warren.

It's so surf it hurts and it's fuelled by the legends at Salt Brewing

Feb 14, 2019

In 2018 we took a look at almost every board shorts brand on the market to find the best performance board shorts.  We defined this as the shorts you'd take on your dream boat trip.

The Quiksilver Highline New Wave Pro's took the honours....but here's the thing.  There hasn't been a lot of new development in the boardshort space in 2018, which makes it hard to recycle everything we said last year.

Thankfully two brands launched new and innovative shorts that broke the mould from their previous designs and brought new fabrics, constructions and ideas to the table.

So in this episode we deep dive into the creation and performance of the Patagonia Hydroflow boardshorts and the Rip Curl 3/2/One Ultimate boardshorts.

Featuring interviews with the creators and designers and a full review against all of last years best performing shorts.

Interesting folks, harsh opinions and a whole lot of surf geekery.

Enjoy Boardshorts 2019

Check out more details at


Jan 29, 2019

Derek Rielly is the founder of Beachgrit & Stab Magazine and has been shaping some of the more unique ways we view surf culture since the late 90's.

He's founded mags, written books about Australian legends (Wednesdays with Bob), succeeded richly and failed miserably.

In this episode we chat about creating Stab, surfing wave pools, surf industry gravy trains and how being trampled on is character building.

Creative, interesting and sometimes controversial Derek offers a fascinating view on surfing through a sometimes alternative lens. 

Check out Derek's writing on and Wednesdays with Bob here:

Dec 21, 2018

Presented by Rogue Wave Brewing

Join Jimmy & Cahill as they dive into the 2018 WCT year including a full wrap on the Billabong Pipe Masters and Gabriel Medina's World Title.

What do the boy's think was heat of the year?  What was the event of the year and why did Wilko and Connor O'Leary fall off tour.

We are then joined by Jack Freestone who will rejoin the WCT in 2019 after a huge year.  

In 2018 Jack chased the WQS while welcoming a son to the world and he talks openly and honestly about the massive changes and challenges that being a Dad brought.

Funny & honest it's a late contender for interview of the year.

Our last episode for 2018 is so surf it hurts and as always is fuelled by Salt Lager.

Thanks to everyone for listening and we will see you in 2019!

Dec 10, 2018

Ted Grambeau is one of the most acclaimed photographers in surfing, on hand to capture some of the most iconic moments in the history of our sport.

His passion for adventure and travel made him a perfect fit for the Rip Curl Search and in this episode we dive deep into some of Tom Curren's amazing waves on the early trips.

His longevity and continued relevance have also allowed him to capture multiple generations of surfers from Curren to Slater to Fanning and now to Medina, he offers rare insights into the moments that shaped these surfers.

Well known as one of the true gentlemen of the sport, Ted fits that description perfectly.

A fascinating insight into a lifelong journey following his passion.

Ted's new book "Adventure in Light" can be purchased from or

So surf it hurts and as always fuelled by the legends at Rogue Wave Brewing.


Dec 2, 2018

Jimmy & Cahill are joined by the one & only Jason Stevenson to discuss creating the boards to power Julian Wilson's World Title run.

We also chat his relationship with Joel Parkinson, shaping for the Irons brothers and the most common mistakes people make when looking for a new board.

Plus the boys break down the Portugal CT and Big Wave events and look forward to the upcoming world title showdown at Pipe.

Cahill takes us through the emotional roller-coaster of being a 18yr old whippet trying to surf Pipe for the first time and we go through our high and low points from a massive year for surfing and for Lipped.

News, views and a whole lot of banter.

It's so surf it hurts and it's fuelled by the amazing Salt Lager from Rogue Wave Brewing.

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Nov 23, 2018

Mike Jennings is the senior writer at Surfing World and the host of The Dooley podcast.

Mike Jennings thinks 2018 was a crappy year in surfing....

Mike Jenning's favourite surfer is Gabriel Medina

Mike Jennings is an interesting guy and a fantastic guest

Enjoy Mike Jennings

So surf it hurts and brought to you by the legends at Rogue Wave Brewing

Nov 18, 2018

Damien Cole is the son of legendary surfer and shaper Maurice Cole. 

Rather than continue to shake his head and mutter under his breath about the environmental, social and cultural issues facing his local region, Damo recently decided to run as an Independent candidate in the Victorian state elections.

While he is passionate about fighting for his local region the issues we talk about in this episode apply to coastal regions around the world and Damo believes we can make a massive difference by working to confront global issues at a local level.

Passionate, proud and with a genuine love for his community this is a fascinating and inspirational episode that will appeal to anyone that believes in protecting the global coastline.

As always fuelled by the legends at Rogue Wave Brewing


Nov 14, 2018

Chris Cote calls a full rotation air reverse a 540.....and don't we all freak out.

But Chris does this because he loves the sport, wants to recognise the level of skill displayed by surfers and because everything he does comes with a wink and a nod.

Chris has been an ongoing voice in surf as editor of Transworld Surf from 1999-2012 and as a part of the WSL commentary team for the last 12 years.

In this episode we chat about the art of story telling in competitive surfing, how the media landscape has changed in the last 30 years and of course why he calls an air rev a 540.

So surf it hurts and as always fuelled by the legends at Rogue Wave Brewing.

Oct 18, 2018

Yep it’s a little late but Jimmy and Cahill sit down and chat about all the big topics coming out of The Quiksilver Pro France.

Were the judges losing their minds? Did Kolohe get caught by the dumbest rule in surfing?  Cahill and Jimmy don’t agree on many of the tasty baguettes of surf drama that fell out of the French leg.

Plus beer with a mate, are we too nostalgic in surfing and the WSL Airshow.

So much surf it hurts as always fuelled by the good folk at Rogue Wave Brewing and supported by Shapers dot Surf - use the code HACK for 15% off sitewide.

Oct 1, 2018

Presented by Shapers Surf

Jimmy & Cahill sit down with legendary surf journalist and writer Sean Doherty to break down all the happenings from the Surf Ranch Pro. 

Did it get Sean excited or leave him flatter than a Sydney beach mid summer?

We look at the performances, the pool, the ladies and what it means culturally for the sport.

We also chat with Sean about his work with Patagonia campaigning against Big Oil in Australia.

Finally we look at the upcoming Quiksilver Pro France and Sean and Cahill tell us about their favourite nights on the Salt Lagers in France.

Plus Chris Binns joins us from Portugal to chat about spending the week with his hero’s at The Azores Airlines Masters plus watching the fairytale QS10,000 win from the legend Ryan Callinan.

So much surf it hurts as always fuelled by the delicious Salt Lager from Rogue Wave Brewing.

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Aug 31, 2018

Vaughan Blakey is the co-host of the Ain't that Swell podcast.  He is also the former editor of Waves and Surf World Magazines.  Vaughan remains a surf media pioneer, constantly pushing the boundary of how surfing is presented and a fierce advocate of surfings cultural fringe.

We chat with Vaughan about his early days in surf media, taking over Waves at 19, the creative community that inspired him and the epic cover mount films Seven Day Seven Slaves and Doped Youth.

Jimmy & Cahill kick off our new Beer with a mate segment by adding former WQS surfer and Hells Bells winner Harry Mann to the conversation.  We look back at the dribble that was Tahiti and look forward to the Surf Ranch Pro.  We've got the format, judging criteria and we'll look at who will and won't make the final.

Plus the Andy movie, QS rants and stories and what mistakes we make when buying boards and fins.

So much surf it hurts fuelled by Rogue Wave Brewing's Salt Lager

Proudly supported by Shapers Surf use the code PUNT for 15% off site wide.


Aug 6, 2018

A huge episode of Lipped as Jimmy & Cahill are joined by guest co-host Paige Hareb to break down all the highlights, low lights and stories coming out of an epic J Bay event.  Plus Jimmy tries to justify the Facebook deal....

We then look ahead to the Tahiti Pro and discuss the history of the event, the key story lines and which girls Paige thinks would huck over the ledge.

Our interview this episode is with Bede Durbidge.  Since retiring from the tour and last speaking with us on Lipped Bede has taken on the role of Elite Program Manager at Surfing Australia.  We talk about the changes and development he has seen at Surfing Australia plus his own development as a coach, the road to the Olympics, wave pool training sessions and the future of the sport.

So much surf it hurts all fuelled every episode by Rogue Wave Brewing.

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Jul 26, 2018

At the (sort of) halfway point of the 2018 season we've seen an amazing amount of development and change in surfing.

From judging to mind blowing performance, pools and Facebook...there's a lot to chat about.

So chat we did.

Join legendary surf journalist Nick Carroll, Stab mag writer Michael Ciaramella and the one and only Chris Binns as we break down the news, views and craziness that has been the year in surfing so far.

So much surf it hurts as always fuelled by the legends at Rogue Wave Brewing

Jul 11, 2018

Want to know more about wave pools?

Jimmy catches up with URBNSURF Founder Andrew Ross to discuss all things wave pools.

We chat the business and science of wave pools and look at what we can expect in terms of customer experience from the new pool being built in Tullamarine.

We also discuss Andrew's personal journey from successful CEO in an ASX listed company to taking the leap and following a passion to bring Wavegarden tech to Australia.

So much surf it hurts fuelled by the legends at Rogue Wave Brewing.

Jul 2, 2018

The boys are back with a full review of the amazing two event waltz through Bali.

From the mind blowing surfing at Keramas to a full breakdown of the many controversial (& epic) heats through the Bali leg.

Plus heaps of technique breakdowns from Cahill.  How did Italo blow the field away, how does Parko hold speed at J Bay.

Olympics, WSL News and's all here.

So much surf it hurts all fuelled by Salt Lager - check our Instagram for a code to buy Surf Ears and avoid Surfers Ear while still hearing everything!

May 31, 2018

Ep. 6 Presented by Rogue Wave Brewing

Join Jimmy and Cahill for a slightly late Mega episode.  Featuring an in-depth look at the Founders Cup and all the news, views and banter from the Oi Rio Pro.

The boys then look ahead to the rest of the Bali Pro and the Margies/Ulu's Pro plus Cahill talks the de-sensitisation of Cloudbreak and taking flight.....on a foil.

Finally from (1.08.55) we are joined by the silky smooth and stylish Mikey February to chat style, Africa and his crazy qualification dance.

So much surf it hurts all fuelled by Salt Lager and We Are Feel Good Inc - use the code Lipped for 20% off


May 24, 2018

Want to know your GBS from you liquid tape?  Ever wondered if jersey lining is just rug fluff?  We've got all the answers to your wetsuit questions right here.

Join Scott Boot (Billabong), Chris Branch (Quiksilver), Adam Brissendon (Rip Curl), John Hubbard (Patagonia) and Ryan Scanlon (Need) and find out exactly what's happening in the world of wetsuits in 2018.

And from 41mins - Jimmy and Empire Ave co-founder Tim Hawken put wetsuits from Vissla, Need, Quiksilver, Hurley, Patagonia, Rip Curl and Billabong to the test to find the best suit on the market today.  I guarantee you'll be surprised by the results.

Entertaining, informative and full of heaps of random things we didn't know about wetsuits - it's so surf it hurts and it's fuelled by Rogue Wave Brewing.

May 2, 2018

Presented by Rip Curl

Join Jimmy & Cahill as they dive deep into the cancellation of the Margaret River Pro plus take a look at the surfing that went down pre shark-gate.

Why was Margies like McDonalds and why don't pro surfers know where to sit at North Point.....all these questions and more are answered.

The boys then look ahead to the Oi Rio Pro and the Founders Cup.

Find out just how much the judging scale has changed and why the boys are so excited to see the Founders Cup.

Our special guest this episode is current joint world number one Italo Ferreira.  In a wide ranging conversation we talk his upbringing, early years on tour and whether he thinks he's better than Gabriel.....spoiler alert...he does.

So much surf it hurts all fuelled by Salt Lager from Rogue Wave Brewing and presented by Rip Curl.

Apr 25, 2018

Harley Ingleby is a two-time World Longboarding Champion but don't be fooled by the silverware.  Harley is a surfer.  Whether it be a shortboard, longboard, fish or anything else you can think of Harley surfs it and rips on it.

In this great conversation Harley chats about his origins in surf and  the role his fathers board collection played in his interest in alternate craft.

We talk about his Go Pro work, sharks and why he thinks more of the WCT should be working with different board materials.

Smart, articulate and with a deep understanding and love for surfing, this is one episode you'll want to hear.

So much surf it hurts, fuelled by Salt Lager x Rogue Wave Brewing

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